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ok... ive got a question. i finished a culinary arts program as well as a baking and pastry program. im now enrolled in a bachelors program to get a degree in hospitality management. now if i have no desire to get out of the kitchen, is this bachelors degree all that important? i mean, i know that all education is important, but ive never heard another chef tell me how important a bachelors in hospitality management is. so... thoughts?? :chef:
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I, like yourself, graduated from a culinary school which didn't have a bachelors program at the time. A few years later I had an opportunity to jump back into the education environment and I choose not too. (I am slowly picking away towards my degree). You'll never know what the future may put in front of you or what opportunities will come. Most often a culinary grad' will fill the roll of sous chef or chef of an establishment and you will have the opportunity someday to be the executive chef or pastry chef. As executive chef you have to be an efficient manager of your staff. and that training comes after the AOS degree! Who knows, you might be the head honcho' of someones' business and you'll thank the Lord for your degree! Stay in, its worth it.
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