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Hi everyone,

This is my first post. Glad to be here.

I registered because I'm in serious need of career advice.

Here's my situation. I just turned 26,I have an infant son, I live in Halifax Nova Scotia, and I'm in the middle of an uphill battle to becoming the chef I need to be. I'm not a culinary student at a school, but I am a registered apprentice a year into the program(roughly three years long(6000 hours.)
My former chef and mentor has recently departed the restaurant due to differences with the owners. However, upon his leaving, he presented me with a connection to who many would condsider the biggest corporate Chef East of Montreal.

Long story short. Option #1 - I have this amazing opportunity to apprentice under said chef who I have heard is quite egotistical, and arrogant (with the skills and connections to back it up).
He's big on molecular stuff, and is big on the competition scene. Truly impressive to watch in action, and would provide me with invaluable connections if I could stick it out

Option 2. Stick with my former sue chef(now head chef)who I actually have real respect for.(Went through a classic European apprenticeship in his early years). - While he is not as inspired by new gimmics and techniques, he is a truly great cook,teacher and mentor who can provide me a strong foundation. However I would be missing out on the networking and resume from option 1.

I'm 26, my clock is ticking. My career goals right now are to achieve my red seal, put in a few more years on the line, and then hopefully start a small operation. Choice one is the opportunity of a lifetime, but maybe a better option for someone without a small child?
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Is it possible to spend a day or two in the kitchen of option 1? Why not just go check it out, see if it is a good fit. 

If it really is "the opportunity of a lifetime" then those don't come around very often. If it is indeed that why wouldn't you take it?
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I'm with Someday on Option #1. If you are serious about advancing your career, you must step up and go all in. Yes, it can be nerve racking but working under one great chef can open the doors to many great opportunities. You are not getting any younger. Go for it!!

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