Care to tackle this? Provide a recipe from just a photo.

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Hi all :)

So, some sadistic person on the Reddit r/food board posted this photo without providing the recipe, labeling it Baked potato soup garnished with skins and bacon bits. We've been howling for two days for a recipe, but he refuses to respond.

Would anyone here like to give it a shot? You'll be an instant (albeit short-lived) Reddit hero if you do.


PS: I'm not sure if it's supposed to be yellow from cheese or something, or if that's just poor lighting. Although, from the reflective surface of the soup, I'm inclined to think there's cheese in there.

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How can this even be possible?  First of all it's not a very good photo, we don't know whether the yellow tint means the guy is a terrible photographer or if he's used yellow tinted cheese so what's the point?  Secondly, this soup does not look very appetizing to me.  On this site you'll find many people who will provide you with a lovely recipe for baked potato soup.  And then you can put some burnt potato skins and burnt bacon on top to look just like this picture. 
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I'm gonna guess that it's intended to be an order of potato skins in a bowl... which tells me the soup is either heavy in the sour cream and cheese, or at the very least, milk and cheese. Judging by the colour, I'm going to say it's *ahem* american "cheese".

Soup, however, is eaten with a spoon, and therefore, all ingredients should fit on the spoon. No one likes to have to cut their soup.

My suggestions, if this is the idea you're chasing...

Make a decent potato soup, in the roux, use good cheddar cheese.

Bacon: cut thicker, and cook it way less.

Potato skins: matchsticks. Use as a final garnish. Think "Skin on Hickory Sticks" without the hickory. Or some homemade, skin-on potato chips.

A little chive cream to finish.

It may be the lighting... but the colour and shine of the soup are off-putting. It's also way too thick for a "soup".
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I'll play, this is approximate....

preheat oven 400*

8 russet potatoes (you can sub yukons but their skin is thin so make sure to leave a thicker layer of flesh)

1/4# of thick sliced or slab bacon, cut into 1/2" lardons

3-4 large shallots or 1 large yellow onion chopped

veg or olive oil to saute onion

2 cups 1/2 and 1/2

2 cups milk 

1 cup sour cream

* you can choose how rich you want this soup....2%-whole cream....

1 cup Cheese.....however sharp you'd like.....I'd go extra sharp white cheddar, but this is one of those whatever you have and like that would go with stuffed potato grated


*scallions or chives for garnish

Basically, bake the potatoes approx 40 minutes, slice in half and scoop out flesh leaving a layer for texture....put oil, sprinkling of salt & pepper on skins and return to oven for approx 10 minutes to brown....meanwhile put bacon on a parchment or foil lined baking sheet and pop in  the oven with the skins to bake.

In a large pot, over medium high heat saute the shallots (onions), add salt and pepper....3minutes or when wilted add the potatoes, milk/cream and mash or use an emersion blender to blend, turn heat down to low and stir in  the sour cream and cheese, optional thyme....check seasoning and simmer.  top with bacon, skins and chives.
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On this site you'll find many people who will provide you with a lovely recipe for baked potato soup.  And then you can put some burnt potato skins and burnt bacon on top to look just like this picture. 
Koukouv' . . . Thank you for providing me with my first laugh of the day. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/biggrin.gif
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Thank you shroomgirl, that looks really good, I'll give it a go after finals.

@PraireChef: It might be Velveeta, but I really, really hope it's yellow cheddar cheese. Also, mightn't the potato skins act as spoons? It could be a soup-dip!

Sorry if I offended anyone's sensibilities :)
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could be a sweet potato soup.
I'm with you Bughut. Roast till soft,   Halve the spuds, scoop out,  Skins back into hot oven, spray with oil if you want, cook until crisp.  Make a mirepoix and cook till soft and transparent, blend in the flesh of the sweet potato, chuck in some stock (veg or chicken) , add a cornflour slurry if too thin or add water if too thick, blend till smooth, sieve if wanted, add cream and grated cheese if wanted but DON"T boil. Fry off some bacon until crisp, drain on kitchen towel, break into shards.  Heat your bowls, soup in, sprinkle with bacon shards.
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