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As some know, i'm doing some construction work to make a place to work dough in my coffee shop.  And let's say that you are desiring to make cinn rolls, muffins, cookies, certain breads for panini, etc.  And given that I am close to making a table configuration in the shape of an L- 2x4 metal table meets a 6' kitchen countertop; the end of the metal table and the 6' countertop run along a wall.  There will be no drawers, but only the large shelves under the tops that are several inches off the floor.  And now you are ready to place tools, food stuffs, etc. to make the station work for your styles/techniques.  Maybe you need a shelf just so; maybe you need a 10 qt container with some ingredient in a certain spot; and even though i've heard others before, where is your mixer, fp, etc?

I'm hoping to put this all together early next week.  I would love to hear how you might configure things so that i have a good starting point.

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