Cardamom pods

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I've got some green cardamon pods that I don't know what to do with. Do they need to be toasted or roasted or something in order to be used? I have a recipe that calls for whole cardamom seeds - can I use these?
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I have, an use, both green and the larger black cardamom pods. I use the green to infuse things with the flavor-like a custard or when making chai tea. Any sort of "toasting" that you do will refine the flavor IMHO. I sometimes use them whole and at other times grind the pod in a mortar and pestle. Experiment and have fun.
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I roast 3 pods and a cinnamon stick in hot oil first, then I add thinly sliced shallots. Gives a lovely perfume to the rice.

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If you have a recipe that calls for cardomom seeds, just lightly crack the pods and extract the little black seeds from the pod.
Cardomom is delicious in so many things: flavouring custards and icecream, curries, rice, hot and cold drinks, sweet and savoury syrups...
Really nice carrot thing to go with fish or chicken:
Sweat off diced shallots or onion, add finely grated ginger and freshly ground cardomom seeds, add lots of grated carrot and a generous amount of butter and cook slowly until it is a glorious soft orange mess. season.:lips:
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