Carbon Steel Knives - Suggestions?

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First off, I apologise if this has been beaten to death, but I was unable to find anything terribly helpful by searching.

Looking to replace some old, used up Zwilling stainless knives with a few Carbon Steel Japanese Knives. Primarily looking for a Gyuto ~8", Santoku ~6", Paring Knife, Slicer, and a Boning / Fillet Knife. Bonus points if you can provide some budget ranged options (you know, options to keep the total under $250, $500, $750, etc.). Mostly just looking for options in general, as I can't seem to find any carbon steel knives locally.
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Don't forget to check out the Sabatier carbons. K Sabatier and Thiers-Issard both make them and they are not that expensive.
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Other than for nostalgia I wouldnt get a new sabatier. The carbon steel is softer, and it has that annoying bolster. You can do better for the price. If you can get a vintage on the cheap thats a different story.
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I've got a brand new thiers issard and it performs superbly. Just my 2¢. But I rarely see you guys recommend carbon knives in the $70-$120 range, and he asked for cheap
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As a matter of fact, yes you did. My reading comprehension wasn't perfect.

In other threads I have been known to recommend even cheaper carbon steel alternatives.
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I just picked up an Ontario Knife Company(not marked old hickory)- bullnose knife that it looks like someone rehandled off ebay. I'm a little leary about taking it to work, just because of the extra care carbon needs, but am looking forward to getting sharpened up and trying out at least
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I love my collection of Sabatier, a few I got from I bought a Norton tri-stone 26 years ago, still in great shape. The knives work really well for me, sharpen easily, maintain an edge and I don't find the extra maintenance to be a problem. Should anything happen to them, replacements are affordable. I will allow that I may be missing out on not using the Japanese carbon knives but I can't really afford to find out by trial and error. Perhaps some day. 
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