Carbon-Steel knife care

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I recently purchased my first carbon steel knife and I have a few questions about it.

What is the best way to maintain the blade? I assume not, but should I use a honing steel on the blade like I would with my Mercer stainless steel blade?

Also, what is everyone's opinion on a patina? I was thinking of forcing one (with vinegar or mustard, as I have read) before I start bringing it to work with me.

For now I plan to bring it to my local knife shop when it needs a new edge, but when I start bringing it to work and putting in some serious time, I will invest in my own sharpener. What works best for a blade like this?
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Honing steel - it can depend on the hardness/relative brittleness of the knife steel for whether this is appropriate to use.

You can force a patina or you can just cut stuff to start building up a natural patina (if you have onions and the like at home that need cutting)

Details on the knife in question? Stones are probably the most versatile option if you're open to that.
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Go for it!  Two of the same knife, virgin carbon steel suien vc.  The one on the right sometimes rusts.  In the summer even leaving it in my knife bag it will rust.  

Left has forced patina.  Never had problems with rust on that one.


Get this 
and a finishing stone 5000-6000 grit.   You can simply strop a few times on the finishing stone to touch up.  That should last you all shift or more, no honing required.

I won't tell you how long an edge should last because the truth is it varies widely.  Probably real sharpening every week or two depends on what you cut, how hard you hit the board, if you cut something acidic, the angles you sharpen at, if you microbevel, how thick or thin  your knife is, the hardness of the steel etc.

Yeah theres some learning to freehand sharpening.  You will save money in the long run.
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In my family we use a whetstone of WÜSTHOF that it is a combination of various abrasive grits, also makes us believe we are more craft :p

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