Caraway, Sesame Seeds

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Cost less to buy in bulk so how long will they last and storage? I have a Foodsaver
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Seeds are remarkable. If they are properly dried and stored in a dry area free from molds, moisture, dust, pests etc, they should last indefinitely.

I would suggest lightly toasting the seeds in the oven at a low temp no more than 200'f to remove some of their inherent moisture before vacuum sealing. But, even if you just seal them up air tight without toasting they should last for quite a long while.

I've stored toasted sesame seeds in just a small Tupperware bowl sealed for upwards of a year without any issues. I have a 1lb bag of Caraway seeds that I got in Istanbul a year ago and they are still perfectly fine.

I hope this helps.

Good luck. :)


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How big is bulk. Is it an amount and product you will use.

Yes whole seeds stores quite well, but is it worth devoting the space to? I wouldn't buy either of those two in bulk as it isn't worth the space to store them for as much as I used them. A standard spice size jar is plenty for me.

I tend to buy and use coriander and cumin seeds in larger amounts as I cook with them more frequently.
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The sesame seeds came pre toasted, Kevala organic toasted seamame seeds. I did buy a small jar of caraway but almost used them up and only made a dent in my rye flour. Just lbs of each nothing bigger than that. I'm getting into no knead bread now so making turbo rye bread. I bought a proofing basket but since using the toaster oven just proof in the ceramic bread pot.

Oops the sesame seed were 2 lbs. pack but caraway is 1 lbs.
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Vac bagged and frozen in a deep freezer at -10(or colder mine runs -20) years.... in a fridge freezer maybe 2 years due to defrost cycles...
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I had some bulk herbs I got VERY cheap, 1 pound bags parsley was amongst them, stored in their rugged plastic bags sealed with twistie. I never really used them much after a couple of years but I kept them around. I remember well that the parsley was virtually unchanged after 5 years, still bright green and fragrant. I believe even after 8 years there was still little change. But 10 years and they finally had to be tossed, color changed smell unpleasant.

They have found ancient strains of wheat in tombs over 2 millennia old that were still viable, they could be sprouted. I believe I've heard that is why we have tritacale today, if I haven't got my facts confused as is often enough the case.

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