Caramel to soft

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I have tried making caramel candies a couple of times and they continue to turn out like sauces, very runny and soft, even after leaving them overnight. I would like a chewy caramel candy, but can't seem to get that consistancy. What am I doing wrong?
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Sugar is a fickle ingredient to work with. It absorbs moisture from the surrounding air so when making candy it is a good idea to use a thermometer (you have to boil all the water out to get the temp up, so be patient)  Also, be sure to use the best ingredients you can afford, after all that hard work getting it to the correct temp, you don't want your efforts ruined by butter or cream that is more water than solids. Tip...when you have brought the syrup to a boil slap a lid on it. This will catch the condensation and funnel it down the sides of the pan making the "brush the sides with water to prevent crystallization" vigil unnecessary.
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^yeah your tip works thats how my baking chef taught us to make it, by putting a lid on. i made hard candy before and the recipe that i used was 4 part sugar to 1 caup water but most that i have talked to use less. not sure about chewy ones but research and imsure u can find alot things. if u are making caramel im guessing u are using cream or som ething in it, try using less of cream and see what happens.
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