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    Hey everyone,

    I'm glad I got here before CC today :D , so I can brag about my ChefTalk buddy, whom I am so proud of!!

    CC invited me to his place of work to do a cake decorating demo, and as always, I am impressed by his warmth and hospitality. But beyond this, I really am proud of him, and pleased to see how well his teaching career is going!

    The school is beautiful and brand new, the students seem eager to learn, and the other chefs appear to be equally enthusiastic. It is the perfect positive environment for learning. In my opinion, the 15 cent tour is a steal.

    Brad, thank you again for your support. You're great. And your students can't possibly realize how lucky they are!
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    We must have been writing about our day around the same time because I wrote in the cooking forum about your demo.

    As proud of you are of me I am doubly proud of you. You are such a professional, and your attitude toward our work is wonderful and very positive. Students need this kind of support and training.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the school and find it a good learning environment.

    We really work so hard to teach well. Thanks again for your support and warm smile.

    And best of luck with your buisness.
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