Can't Stop Thinking About Work - Is this normal in a chef?

Joined May 6, 2010
Hi im new to here and wondering if this normal.
Im a sous chef at a hot restaurant in my city.
I dream about being at work almost every night. I work about 70 hours a week and when i get home i drink. After a 6 pack or a couple bottles of wine w.e that nights poison was i start creating dishes, drawing out plates, pairing flavors with seasons with textures with colors. When i lay down i cant sleep still thinking of these dishes, will they work can i add, subtract, substitute ext. All night my mind stuck on this. Is this normal or do i need to find a hobby or something else to keep my mind entertained with? I feel like the only thing on my mind at all times is food and i dont know if its good or bad

It sounds like you need to find a hobby. Perhaps play darts with friends or something else. Don’t let the drinking get the best of you. It’s good to be dedicated to your work, however it sounds like your just living to work.
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