can't get the industrial coating off of my wok

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so, i've bought a cheap wok from an asian grocery store( H- MART) and I can't seem to get the coating off of it - I've used soap, abrasive pad, and steel wool.  I started using sand paper, but the process is going quite slow... what am I doing wrong?

when I try to heat it up, I smell burning plastic (that is how i knew i didn't get enough of the coating off)



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I have the same issue with a cleaver that I bought in Chinatown, I would love a solution but I think I am going to have to sand it off


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Just burn it off on a grill outside. You might have to unscrew any wooden handle bits first though.

You could probably have it bead blasted as well. Faster than sanding. But I'd seriously just burn it off.

As to the cleaver, burning isn't an option. Try some abrasive powders and polishes. Barkeepers friend would be a good start and use a green scotchbrite pad. You'll scratch up the blade some but that will help reduce "sticktion" when cutting.
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Phatch is right , burn it off. With the cheap wok put salt in it first then burn on an open flame.. Don't use steel wool or sandpaper you will only ruin it altogether.
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