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"I am interested in finding out any information I can about a new gadget I saw at a friend's house the other night. She called it a "Kitchen Joy", it was a splatter screen, of sorts, that fit four varying sized pans or pots and had a glass dome with a hole in the top. The condensate from the pan would condense on the glass dome and drain back into a rim on the outside edge. It protected from splatters and also let you reduce stocks without allowing the
condensate to fall back in the pan or pot. She bought it overseas and didn't know if you
could get it here in the states. I thought I found a reference to it on the internet under a mail order website called D-MAIL; but the site is not operating anymore.
Thank You"
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Try Phone is 212-688-4220, fax is 212-758-5387, or
store at 214 East 52nd Street (Between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) NY,10022.
Speak with Steven Bridge if you can. If they don't have it, they'll know where to get it.
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I bought one in Paris several years ago and do not find it very practical. The dome comes off its metal frame far to easily. The splatter shields are far easier to use aas the can easily be lifted off for turning or testing the food and one the two sizes will fit any saute pan. My dome takes up valuable shelf space and I hardly ever use it.

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