Canning Dilly Beans

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I made a batch of Dilly Beans, and needed more liquid, I used 5 cups water, 5 cups Apple Cider Vinegar, AND should have used 1/2 cup salt, but only used 1/4.

Woke up this morning and realized it, should I throw them out? or are they ok?


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Have they been processed (canned) to be shelf stable at room temperature, or are you just keeping them in the fridge?
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     I'd say they are fine, but you can add more salt. You post that they needed more liquid. So you had some to begin with, I assume at the proper ratios, correct? 

So the salt is a bit lacking but the vinegar/acidity is correct. Still not a habitable medium for bacteria. You can always add a bit more salt. If you are salting with in recommended ratios, there is some room for deviation. 

 if you processed them, they have been in a sealed environment so overnight won't matter. 
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I make a reduced salt version for a friend who can't have salt. As long as you have the right acid level you are fine. The salt is there as seasoning.
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Canned 10 min in water bath. Original recipe was 2.5 cups water/2.5 cups Vinegar and 1/4 c salt.
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