Cannelloni with ricotta and fresh herbs

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Summery, no meat, tasty and healthy; cannelloni with ricotta and fresh herbs. We try to have at least a meat-less day per week. This is a real "waaaaaw" dish!

Start by making a light tomato sauce; chop and sweat on low fire; an onion, lots of garlic, a celery stalk. Add chopped fresh tomatoes and let cook into a nice sauce. Don't use plum tomatoes, they don't have enough of that tasty fresh juice.

I used storebought Barilla lasagna sheets. First let them soften a few minutes in salted simmering water. Drain and let cool on a kitchentowel.

Filling; I used for around 6 quite big rolls 350 gram ricotta, a whole egg, 2 very large handfuls of fresh arugula (ruccola) and a lot of homegrown herbs, mainly parcely and tarragon. Additional some fresh oregano and marjoram, lemon verbena etc., parmezan cheese and a little panko.

Start by blanching ( boiling water) all fresh herbs. Remove and cool herbs immediately in icecold water to keep the color. Squeeze most water out and cut on your board roughly using a knife. Add to ricotta together with egg, panko, s&p, parmezan. Mix well and put in fridge to set. I stupidly did not cool my preparation, so my rolls did not keep their shape and collapsed as you can see. When the ricotta is set in the fridge, put a spoonful on a pastasheet and roll into cannelloni.

Cover with tomatosauce and a little extra parmezan. Put in your oven for 30 minutes 180°C/350°F.  

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I always enjoy the photos you share with us.  Your canelloni look wonderful.  We also go meatless at least once a week.
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I love food porn, thanks for the great picture.  A nice meatless meal is so nice during the summer and this looks great.
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MMMM looks delicious!  We do meatless once a week too.  If it were up to me we'd eat meat once a week only but well... my husband is a carnivore!
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