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Happy new year.

I was just cleaning out the pantry and found a case of V8 12 oz. cans way in the back.
The best by date is 2013. Being a canned product and looking ok, are they safe to consume?
There's no puffiness or other obvious signs of spoilage.
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I don't know. I suspect they are fine because Best Buy date doesn't mean much. My first thought is to pour one in a glass and smell it, look at it and see if it looks okay.
On the other hand, V8 isn't exactly liquid gold. You can get some more anytime at the supermarket. I think I'd just toss them and go get some more. Better yet, pour them out in the garden for compost and recycle the cans.
Seven years is a pretty long time. Cleaning out the pantry inevitably involves loss.
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We'll, despite the one off-color comment, I tossed them. My wife insists that the Best By date is a "throw out after" date. I've always believed that canned goods could be kept a very long time providing there's no puffed ends or dents near the ends.
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Kind of reminds me of this guy on Youtube who opens and eats old army MREs and items like that.

I mean it kind of depends how badly you want to use this stuff, I was always under the impression that canned goods with a intact seal can basically last forever if properly stored. I know a lot of people see a date stamp and go by that, like when I tell my wife the milk doesn't know to go bad on the date it has on the container.
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