Candy Related savory apps

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I have a new client who wants to do passed apps for a launch party for a new line she is launching. Here's the catch: she wants all of the dishes to be savory but wants to tie in a candy theme as well.....she asked about even having somrthing including Pop Rocks. I have a few ideas but would love any ideas anybody else might have. Thanks!/img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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what's her line? 

passed/stationary or both

so look a chioga beet sandwiched with chevre wrapped in candy type plastic

cheese pops rolled in various colored shtuff

candied bacon, either brittled or chocolate covered.....

props are going to be key.....
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I could see doing something with popcorn....kettle corn with truffle oil 

or something like porcini powder mixed in
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