Cancer patient nutrition

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My mother sufferred something similar. Eggs and Lentil + Spinach soup is something that she loved consuming during this time and the doctor encouraged her to have this regularly.
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But in the end it wasn’t as useful as one might imagine because of two things: changes in taste perception and emotional changes (in the patient). All of that made it difficult for both of us. A tasty meal that everyone else enjoyed tasted like metallic garbage to the cancer patient.

Went through that last yr with major cancer surgery followed by a heart attack for good measure, medications can ruin taste. They gave me a diet sheet, I said it looks like I shouldn't eat food.
Nurse told me she's on the same medications, she flips the sheet over and uses it to make her shopping list on the back.
If a person is in fit spiritual condition, reconciled and at ease with their mortality it won't make a difference,
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