Canapes that can be made the night before

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Heya guys Im just trying to organise a party and Im wondering do any of ye have easy canapes but looks more technical and amazing then what they are.(easy but have a wow factor) Also i looking for canapes that can be made up the night before take off cling wrap a vola fancy canapes without the effort. Thanks guys for the time :)
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Since this IS the professional catering thread and you ARE a professional caterer, might I reiterate to you that a canape, by definition crust-less slice of bread, toasted or not topped with various items.

Do you really want to make those the night before for a "wow" factor?.

What you really mean perhaps are small hors d oeuvres that can be made a head of time and held til service in the fridge......
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Yep thats what im looking for.... small hors d oeuvres that can be made a head of time and held til service in the fridge......thanks
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for ingredient components:

use pumpernickel or blinis in place of toast.

use pickled/preserved condiments

choose a different serving vessel


Chinese ceramic soup spoons w/ tropical salsa, top with blanched shrimp/prawns/crab, then garnish with fresh herbs (dill)

or blini/pumpernickel w/ smoked salmon / salt cured salmon, accompany with a caramelized onion cream cheese and garnish with baby capers

or pumpernickel roasted beef w/ horseradish cream and top with caper/gherkin/chervil

or Pastrami Rumaki

or Vietnamese Chao Tom (just cook/reheat to serve)

or Chinese soup spoon w/ roast duck and hoisin sauce

or Smoked Duck w/ Asparagus & Orange Chutney

or skewered Spicy Chicken w/ Mustard Mayonnaise

or Rolled Buddha's Ham (Suhuo-t'ui)

or Duck Confit Dan Bings

or Chicken Oharame (Toriniku no Oharame)

or Vietnamese fresh spring rolls (Goi Cuon)

theres many things you can do once you escape the toast, its then just a matter of being able to source ingredients and fitting it to the project cost, client budget, or menu

if you have a cream whipper you could also construct the foundation and then quickly finish with a small injector nozzle to dispense some kind of mousse.
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Grape tomatoes stuffed with crab salad
Mini skewers of veggies or cheeses etc
Marinated boconcini

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