Canadian frozen lobster... surprisingly delicious!

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This time of the year there's all kinds of stuff available at a very reasonable price. This time I took frozen Canadian lobster. You know them, a plastic "tube" filled with frozen water and of course a lobster. After they were thawed and split in two, they appeared to be; A. quite small, B. very salty, C. totally overcooked. I really have nothing to complain about, all I know they were very cheap, I don't even remember the exact price. We all know you get what you pay for.

What on earth to do with them? Maybe you guys have some nice other ideas? It took me a while before I decided to make a risotto. Removed the digestion system, cut the meat from tail and shears into bitesize shunks, ...very chewy meat! All the rest went into a chickenstock (2x the volume of rice I used) to which I added 3 unpeeled but slightly crushed cloves of garlic and 2 kaffir leaves. Let it simmer for around 15 minutes, lid on. Smelled fantastic.

Then seared some chopped shallots in olive oil, added rice, let it coat with oil and let it heat a bit, added white wine, let evaporate completely while stirring. Then added stock, a ladle at a time, and stirred untill each time evaporated. I let the shells in the stock, simply poured some stock through a sieve on the risotto. The whole risotto thing always takes around 20 minutes. So, five minutes before the end I added the lobsterchunks. One of them had a lot of tiny red eggs which produced a fantastic effect.

Added also a dollup of mascarpone, some lemon juice and chopped parcely. After plating I added some grated orangepeel and a dash of olive oil. The olive oil is a mistake, it should be stirred in. The orage zeste is a nice touch! All in all, it was surprisingly delicious! I was even asked for more of that! So, as you can see, you can make fantastic meals with cheap products too!

Any other ideas?

(Picture; this is served in a deep bowl, not a plate)

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Sounds like a great meal...

Just wondering how that compares to the local produce?

Lobsters from Zeeland (ok, almost local)?
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