Canadian Culinary Schools

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The Toronto Star posted an article on various cooking schools public and private from big institutions to small home based. I think its worth looking into my Canadian chef bretherens...
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Interesting list of that was not listed is the Culinary Arts School of Ontario in Mississauga
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and another that i dont remember seing is the Southen Alberta Institute of Technology. . they have a good cooking programs, from the home cook tothe professionnal wanna be. i did the pro cooking class and liked it. really good program if you never really cooked before and kinda good program if you lot of experience.

food for thought.

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Another school I didn't see on that list from the Toronto Star was Vancouver Community College. I attended and graduated from the Culinary Arts program here, and I must say, I am glad I did. Every instructor (there are about 25) are metal winners in some sort of competition, and 5 of them are on or have been on Team Canada. This says a lot in itself. It is a 12 month program where everything from Breakfast cookery, to banquets, to baking, and butchery is covered. I also must say I was very pleased at the cost, compared to some of the Private schools/acadamies around.

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