canadian chefs in australia

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I am a Canadian chef wanting to live in Australia does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to get a visa and how long this may take.
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Hi---I have tried for quite some time to get work in Australia as a chef(I have worked in 5 provinces here) and it's quite hard. Foremost you have to think of the age consideration--i'm over 30 and it seems as I write that the only way for me to get work is to be sponsored in by a company. Having said that, this has turned out to a really incredible endeavour since i'm in Canada and cannot make the proper contacts. I have found that there doesn't seem to be a good chat forum for chefs in Australia (if you know of one let me know).

I did work while there but it was for room and board because the hospitality sector already has a great program for hiring younger people on 1 year worker visas--sp look into that--get there and then start. That is your best bet IF you are under 30. There are quite a few industry employment websites you may want to check as well--Byron Bay Employment, Seek job service, any of the hostels is a way to start as well...I get regular job emails from these but then there are a lot of situations that are not open to non-citizens...good luck [email protected]:)
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