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hello! I'm erika, a fifteen year-old grade 10 student in mississauga. (i can do arts) at this time of the year we have selected our courses for grade 11, uhmm.. i chose nursing courses for now.. but i really think i want to be a pastry chef. The problem is my parents told me that the pay is kinda low and nursing or teaching is better. Nursing isnt really much of what i want but i do like taking care of other people. Although, i feel like something's missing.. that pastry chef dream. Btw i just came here in canada for like a year now, and before i left my country i told myself that i will be a pastry chef, but because of the fact that its tiring and long and low pay.. i thinked twice, i also know that i might regret picking nursing, but i kinda need it because i have a kidney problem so i need some pay to work myself out that is why i might not do my pastry chef dream. Is it a smart choice? Im so confused. ( I wanted to build my own bakery too.. but its risky.) can i get some advice please?. thank you
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Passion, PASSION, is what keeps you awake deep into the night trying to figure out how to do it better.  THAT'S PASSION, young stuff.  Stick with pastry, that's your dream.
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Get a job in a bakery or pastry shop to get your feet wet and to get a feel for the profession.
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You don't know it now but, it's better to be happy in your profession than be richer in another one that you don't want. After it's all said and done the money doesn't matter. The passion a chef has for their profession gives them the drive to succeed. Working long hours isn't a chore when your doing what you love........Follow your heart..........Good luck......
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Passion, PASSION, is what keeps you awake deep into the night trying to figure out how to do it better.  THAT'S PASSION, young stuff.  Stick with pastry, that's your dream. uncontrollable unpredictable intense emotion. WHOA!!!
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Being a pastry Chef will allow you to have your cake and eat it too.........
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Devil's advocate.

You don't have to do one and exclude the other (I did both ;-)

Most nursing programs have tons of money on offer for tuition assistance (some have strings attached like contracting to work at such and such hospital system for a few years after you pass the licensure exam) but you will enter the field making the same salary with the same benefits as someone who has years of loan repayments to look forward to.

I will admit I have very little knowledge re culinary schools but drawing on my own experience I know for a fact that skills can be developed over time and there are no required tests to be aced before hiring on at a bakery.

All you need is a bit of drive as well as a healthy dose of the passion mentioned in prior posts.

I advise you do a bit of research then sit down and make a pros vs cons list.

Be sure you include expected starting pay as well as health benefits, vacation and sick time.

You mentioned a health issue that over years may take quite a bit of medical attention.

Discuss this with your specialist and develop a grasp of potential future problems (worst vs best scenarios) and add that to the list.

OBTW... any amt of higher education will be a plus in any career you choose.

If the medical profession makes you gag choose another path.

The whole idea is to be able to decide on a career that will provide a way to get out from under your parent's wings.

A huge relief is knowing your child will be safe when you are no longer there to catch them when they stumble and fall.

Good luck and keep us in the loop.

I am rooting for you!

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