Can you make pastries in an air fryer

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if I wanted to make donuts or funnel cake in an air fryer would I need to use a special recipe or can I use the same recipe I would use for a deep fryer?
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I don't own an air fryer, but my understanding is they work about the same as a convection oven. Things like french fries, onion rings or other things you buy from the freezer case are already partially cooked and have some oil in their coating. I think most of the air fryers also have a small amount of oil in them which is why these things turn out better than they would in a conventional oven. However, something made of raw batter like a donut or funnel cake would need to be made in a conventional deep fryer. A partially cooked donut or funnel cake would come out OK, but not raw batter.
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You can do many kinds of pastries in an air fryer except those 2 you mentioned. LOL. Good pick :p

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