can you freeze cream cheese and mascarpone?

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Well, obviously you can freeze it, but is it still good to use after it has been frozen?

I am asking because these products are not always available, so when they are, I would like to buy them in bulk and freeze
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I haven't tried freezing either, but my instincts tell me no. I believe the texture will be affected and once the items thaw, they will lose water.
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You can get away with it for sure...just temper your expectations.  Think baking.  The cream cheese is pretty stable (the guar gum in it helps) but the mascarpone will likely get some weeping and grit.  Again, baking or sauce making, no real issue.  A hit with a stick blender (maybe with a splash of heavy cream) wil likely bring it back around.
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Thanks guys,

I thought it wouldn't do much harm as long as you cook with it, so just this morning, I threw a tub of each in the freezer.

I will let you know how it works out.

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