can we talk dressing/stuffing and gravy?

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What are ideas on the following

creole or Caribbean style stuffing of any kind using either bread, biscuit or cornbread or sweet cornbread. along with perhaps chestnuts, and a pork product of some kind, especially a sweet or unsweet cornbread with a pork product (sausage or ham or bacon type of product, preferably sausage :) )

southern or country style stuffing, again especially sweet or unsweet cornbread with a pork product and also variations with chestnuts


southern style gravies, country style gravies, brown gravy, white gravy, how about new orleans style or creole style gravy?

just need some cool ideas


im thinking i really want something with sweet cornbread and pork sausage....

also want cool gravy ideas for a good rich gravy but it doesnt have to be spicy!

want to know more about hte chestnut as a stuffing dressing ingredient
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Every year I make an Oyster Dressing with Andouille, Oysters, the Trinity, Thyme, a stale sweet Cornbread base, fine diced Tasso and eggs.
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