Can i use fresh Yakisoba noodles ( fortune brand) for ramen?

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Hi chefs

Im trying to find out if theres a difference between fresh yakisoba noodles and fresh ramen noodles?
Can i use fresh yakisoba for ramen? There is this brand called " fortune " they make fresh yakisoba noodles, the thing is i cannot really order it from my vendor, as it come in bulks. They wont give me sample either, just dont want to waste a lot of yakisoba noodles if i end ordering it and it doesnt work well as ramen.
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I looked up the ingredient list for Fortune yakisoba and they don't list egg or kansui, so the noodles will soak up more moisture and become much softer.
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Not that soba noodles aren’t delicious, but they definitely aren’t the same as ramen noodles. Ramen noodles are alkanized for their district chewiness and is key for a proper ramen.
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