can I use almond powder instead ?

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Hello, everyone 


recently i am trying to bake light cheese cake, can I use the almond powder instead of the cake flour?  will it make the flaver better? how will it affect the structure of the cake? 

thank you guys, have a nice day~


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The starch and gluten in the flour help stabilize the custard. It's a cheat really. To my understanding Almond flour will not have the same effect. Of course, I don't think flour is good in the custard of a cheese cake at all and don't use any. 

When you say light, do you mean low carb? Or do you mean density. Being a custard, cheesecake should be dense. Density is one of the quality points of a good cheesecake. If you mean light as in airy and fluffy, air in the batter of a cheesecake is just asking for BIG cracks and fallen middles and its at odds with the concept of a cheesecake. 

It would help if you posted the recipe you're using and further describe what you're trying to achieve. 
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Don't put flour in your cheesecake. Cream cheese, sugar, eggs, maybe some marscarpone or sour cream.
If you mean in the crust, then yes- it doesn't matter.
If you mean softer and lighter.. Even though cheesecake is supposed to be dense you can whip the batter in a mixer and get a fluffier texture with good results. Just be careful when baking- use a water bath, bake at low temp. Let the cheesecake sit in the warm, shut off, oven for an hour before moving it to room temp, and another hour before refrigeration. If it does still crack, top it with something delicious!
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I have never put flour in cheesecake batter. 

Kailarina seem to bake cheesecake the way I do. Gently. water bath.

There are a few steps to getting the proper texture in cheesecake in my experience. ( Also high altitude baking, may not be the same for lower altitudes.)

Get any and all lumps out of your cream cheese first. you want it super smooth. Lots of scraping down the bowl throughout the entire process.

add eggs one at a time, making sure they fully incorporate. scrape down the bowl after every 2 eggs or so. This step is where i whip in the eggs. not super high speed to where i am adding tons of air, but it gets pretty intensively mixed. 

I like to use sour cream and heavy cream, added in slowly, at slower speed. lemon juice, some vanilla, you are good to go. 

 Foil the outside of your spring form, pre-bake a crust, fill, water bath, and bake!

OP, to help you better, post the recipe you are using. 
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I think I have 5 or 6 different cheesecake recipes in production right now and I have done two varieties with flour, but DON'T use almond powder. It does not dissolve into the batter, so the texture would be noticeable in the final result. Let us know what you are trying to achieve and someone can help.
Phatch-give Japanese-style cotton soft cheesecake a try. It is light and very good. More like a cross between cheesecake and chiffon.
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Almond powder is just the nut...finely  ground....just to the point before making butter.

It absorbs nothing but in fact will weigh your cheesecake down.

Tasty tho ;-)


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