Can I temper chocolate with butter added?

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Hey Everyone!

I'm totally new to chocolate making, but I had a question that I hoped one of you could help me answer. Or maybe help point me in the right direction if I've made my way to the wrong forum.

I am thinking about making some nice chocolates for Easter, but I'd also like to infuse them with cannabis. I have proportioned/dosed tablets of cannabutter, and I was hoping to add about 4 TBS of butter to about to about 18 Oz or ~510g of chocolate, and was wondering if I could get that mixture to set properly?

Thanks for your help!!
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You would not be able to temper chocolate with butter added. However, you can make a ganache with chocolate and cannabutter, pour it into a rectangular frame, and freeze it. After you freeze it, you can cut the big piece of ganache into rectangular pieces, which can then be dipped into tempered chocolate allowing for a nice chocolate coating over your cannabutter ganache.

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