can I freeze pies that have a flour - corn starch thickened sauce inside?

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Sorry for the clumsy title, but it describes what I'm trying to find out.

I started making pies today, the filling is made of leftovers of ham and turkey, with mushroom, onion and garlic.

I made a roux, not using milk, but white wine and turkey stock.

So far all good.

The taste is fine, but it was a bit thin.

I then thickened it a bit more with corn starch.

In the mean time we made short crust pastry and baked it blind.

The idea was to fill the pie crusts with the ham/turkey mixture, cover with puff pastry and freeze to use in a later stage.

Then I suddenly realized that a lot of sauces/ragouts etc seem to thin when frozen and reheated, which I've always associated with thickening with flour or corn starch.

If that's the case, then the pie crust might get soggy.

My questions:

- Am I going to have a problem reheating these pies?

- If so, what could I have done to prevent this? Maybe I should have used something else for thickening, but what?

- If I'm going to have a problem, then does anyone have a good idea what to do with this filling (it's really tasty, but way too much to finish today)

Meanwhile, I've filled one pie crust with the ragout and put in in the freezer for testing purposes.

Suggestion please


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Right, no replies

Just for prosperity and anyone who is interested: I

froze one of the pies and ate it in the evening. All seemed well and very tasty, so went ahead and froze the lot.

It's been one of my quick selling specials and everyone seemed to like them
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I had always heard you can make a pie, sweet or savoury, bake it, freeze it. When time comes for service, pop pie in oven and bake at original time/temp and it will come out like fresh.

I do make a lot of pies every year and have not tried this.
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