Can I freeze lemon curd?

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I made some lemon bars from a Passover recipe (no grain products- flour, corn starch, etc.). I had lemon topping mixture left, which included fresh lemon juice, whole eggs, sugar and potato starch. I cooked the leftover lemon topping in a double boiler until it was thick enough to leave a track when I drew a line on the back of the spoon. It's now in the fridge, waiting to be made into something else- or discarded.

Can I freeze it? I have about a cup and a half of lemon curd.

Thanks in advance,
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I try to always keep a package of the precut vol au vents in the freezer. Works great to use up leftover custards and quiche batter. Makes for a quick treat with minimal effort.
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Dillonsmimi, I was asking about freezing lemon curd. Can you give me any advice about that?
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Hi there. I made lemon curd as part of my Easter dessert. Pretty much all of the recipes I found said that you can freeze lemon curd for a couple months. :)

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