Can I freeze gruyere cheese?

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A friend just gave me a humongous chunk of gruyere.  Roughly 8 in square.  Now gruyere happens to be one of my favorite cooking cheeses but there is no way I can use it all before going bad and its dang expensive cheese.  My plan is to cut it into smaller chunks and vacuum package using a food saver.  What I was wondering is if I can freeze the vacuum packed chunks without harm and if so, for how long?


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you sure can. I have 4 lbs frozen in my freezer now. it does dry it a bit, but it still has great flavor and melts great on french onion or on burgers.
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Yes, you can freeze the remaining portion but the texture will not be the same yet it's good for melting into sauces. Well wrapped it (eg. zip-loc freezer bag) should last at least 6 months. It won't be as good as it was fresh. But it's still better than letting it go to waste.



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I think you can freeze just about any hard or semi-hard cheese. Not sure about cheese like brie. I am sure you can but the texture probably isn't quite the same.
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I have frozen brie as well, it's okay when it comes out. Just whatever you do, DO NOT freeze cottage cheese or sour cream.
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