Can I Freeze Chocolate Frosting?

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I’m not sure if this has been asked on this forum, but as I am fairly new to, here goes…

I made the recipe for yellow cake posted by BettyR.  I made a double layer cake and one pan of cupcakes from the batter.   

I froze the cupcakes for later (mainly so that my husband wouldn’t stuff himself too much).

Today I defrosted them and made a half batch of chocolate frosting by following the back of the Hersey Cocoa can.  I have too much leftover to just throw away.

So here’s my question:

Can I freeze this chocolate frosting for later?

And, what would the consistency be like if I do?

Here’s a pix of my finished product…

How Good Does This Look??!!

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I guess it would depend on the recipe, but I work in a tiny restaurant and have almost no walk-in space, but they could spare me lots of freezer space so I freeze my extra icing every night. Seems fine as long as I don't try to heat it up too quickly. I usually just pull it out at the beginning of the night I need it, and then later soften it up over a double-boiler (stirring constantly) and then putting it back on the mixer for a few minutes. :)

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