Can I freeze a fresh mozzarella ball?

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You can, as long as you wrap it really well. But be aware that the texture will change when you thaw it.

BTW: I've found that it is much easier to grate/shred partially frozen mozzarella than fresh. Much less mess, less cheese sticking to the grater. But boy oh boy, does my hand get cold. :lol:
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I would think so. I know of no food service sanitation restrictions on freezing cheese. Just as long as you don't defrost and re-freeze. That is a big time no-no.
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Mozzerella and fresh or buffalo are different. You can freeze the store bought like Polio or store brand . The fresh stuff throws ouit water and is grainy when thawed I would not recommend it:peace:
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Yeah Freezing some types of cheese works better than others, I'm assuming the cheese has been used by now right? I wouldn't freeze Mozzarella though it's too soft and the texture will be destroyed.
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I've frozen fresh mozzarella sliced on pizzas before and that came out fine.  If you not going to be melting the cheese its probalby not worth freezing.
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I had several gallons of cigilani (sp) small fresh mozz balls, that were donated to an event I catered and were going south, so I drained and froze them in ziploc....BIG friggin' mess....they frozen together into a block of mozz freezer space always being a premium around here, next time I'd freeze on a sheet individually separated, then package in a ziploc so they would be easier to use.
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