Can I do catering lunches in a different parts of the state?

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This may seem like an odd question but I have a restaurant in Columbus but have the opportunity to do some catered lunches in cleveland.  Is there any restrictions on where I can sell food or am I licensed for the whole state of Ohio?  I know it's an strange question I would appreciate any advice.
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Good Question, probably a local answer would be better......I'd assume that if you are an offsite caterer that should cover where ever you go.
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This is a multiple part question.

First, what is the structure of your local health department in both areas? Is there a single, statewide agency or does each local jurisdiction have the authority? What does your health permit say?

Second, who licenses businesses, the state, or local government(s)? What does your business license say?

Third, who handles fire regulations?

Fourth (which only affects alcoholic beverages), what does your license say?
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Different kind of licenses in play.

If you did cater lunch in Cleveland you'd establish nexus, then the Clevelend tax authority would want a bite. This also plays into the business license thing which AFAIK are generally a city/county level thing. New York City is notorious for this kind of thing. You would also have a sales tax wrinkle if there are local rates.

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