Can anyone help me find an old ice cream recipe pamphlet from the 70's or before?

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I have a friend keeps talking about this fantastic recipe pamphlet he used to use to make ice cream, from 1972 or before:

It was black, and had a picture of a compote glass with ice cream in it, on the cover. The recipes were much richer than they are today, with raw eggs in it and lots of cream.   There was a basic recipe, with tons of variations.

Or if no one does know, any link or clue to finding it? Old cookbook stores that could help?       He said the recipes were positively decadent.

Any help would be most appreciated; He's chronically ill, and I'd like to find it for hime to perk him up.    



Hi, Lisa. I didn't find the one you were looking for, but I came across a fascinating pamphlet published in 1918: "Heller's Guide for Ice-cream Makers." cream maker&f=false

These recipes were written in a time when everyone used fresh ingredients that were minimally processed, so the recipes all produce rich, luscious ice cream that calls for cream, eggs and TLC. You can read the entire thing for free at Google books, which has a ton of other vintage cookbooks!
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