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I have an old recipe for strawberry cake that has always been really great. Trouble is, the main ingredient in it is a white cake mix, and all the ones I can find around here have some form of MSG in them. Now that I am having a problem with MSG, I am looking for an alternative to the mix. Is there any way I can substitute a scratch white cake for the mix? The recipe itself calls for eggs, oil, water, berries, and strawberry jello along with the white cake mix. I don't know how to adapt a plain white cake recipe to make up for the mix.
I realize that this is not real high on the old culinary scale, but, darn it, my family loves that cake. I hate not being able to have more than a tiny bite!


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Looks like you have to add wet ingredients to the cake mix. Find your white cake recipe and mix all the dry ingredients together, then follow the recipe from there. Might help if you post the recipe too...

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I know it's slightly off topic but do you mix the jello in with the cake mix?
I haven't come across that before and I'm curious as to what the gelatine does to the cake.
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