Can any one suggest me some healthy breakfast which can be cooked very easy and fast .

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Kind of contradictory requirements, Rabicamail.

Anything that is healthy, and requires cooking, is going to take time. Even hot grains need to cook 15-20 minutes.

Maybe if you spell out your needs in more detail we'd be better able to make suggestions.
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The healthy part may be a subjective issue.  One can make a batch of granola some evening and then eat it on busy mornings as a cold cereal, a yogurt topping or a hot cereal done in the microwave with a bit of maple syrup.

It really doesn't take too long to scramble some eggs and make a piece of toast.  And if eggs fit the bill, one can prepare a fritatta in advance and just zap a slice quickly in the morning before running out the door. 

Home fries are no doubt out of the question.

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Soft boilled egg and caraway rye toast for dipping,   side of grapefruit,,,,,,,    yeah now we are talking
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Sometimes I make bread and freeze it in slices and just pop it in the toaster when I need it. Fresh fruit and yogurt would be a great addition. 
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What is healthy, or good for you, may very much be determined by a person's overall health and other factors,such as anymedication that's being taken.  For example, if one is a diabetic, oatmeal with fruit may not be such a good thing as the oatmeal contains a fair amount of carbohydrates and fruit contains a fair amount of sugar, both of which can contribute to an increase in blood sugar.  OTOH, bacon and eggs contains virtually no carbohydrates and sugar, and will have no effect on blood sugar.  In fact, fats can slow down the conversion of carbs to sugars.  So, if choloesterol and fat is not an issue, bacon and eggs can be a better breakfast choice than oatmeal and fruit.

If one is taking certain medications, such as certain statins, grapefruit may not be desireable.

So, what is healthy depends on many factors as well as how the individual is treating those factors.
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