can a rejected tomato make into flour?

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Assuming your question correctly I'll answer as follows:

 Anything that can be dried to a bone or powder dry state can be milled into a 'flour' or just milled into whatever granular consistency you desire.  So yes a tomato could be turned into flour.  If you insist on using rejected tomatoes make sure to remove any bad spots before drying.  Just remember that flour is a generic term in this case and is not like wheat flour or other milled grains.  But could be added to a flour mix such as pasta or just as an additive for a sauce or soup for example.

 So, Fully dehydrate the tomatoes, then figure the best milling method.  I would use a coffee grinder to mill small amounts.  It's not too consistent so anything substantial such as a pound or more might need something more towards the professional side and very expensive otherwise.

  Happy milling.
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