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Hi Everyone-

Am planning a month long camping trip out west. No refrigeration. For the sake of saving money on food rather then buying MRE'S or freeze dried foods, I am trying to come up with food items that can be made ahead of times and used without fear of spoilage during the trip. Granola is something I was thinking of. Anyone have any other ideas?

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are you backpacking? if weight is the criteria, my suggestions are jerky..aah, let me count the ways...beef, turkey, chicken, salmon. fruit rollups, which are kinda like jerky but softer, trail mix which there are many many varieties, individual packets of peanut butter, nut butters, nutella. nuts of any sort, dehydrated fruits and veggies(tomatoes), tortillas... cheese in a can,, just kidding! if you aren't doing a back pack trip and weight is not the main concern, let us know...there are lots of other long are you going for and where will you be exactly? obviously you can reprovision once your out here...of course, staying hydrated should be your biggest concern, especially if you will be in any kind of altitude..packets of powdered vit c and b like emer gen c....good to have on hand....

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