Camping Stoves Suggestions?

Joined Feb 6, 2016
Last time I moved, I gave my Coleman Dual Fuel Stove to a friend. I had very few complaints about that stove. I now find myself in need of another stove for car camping. I was wondering if anybody has any better suggestions than the Coleman, or if I should just buy another one. 

The stove must be able to use white gas (no propane), but other than that, I just expect it to work when I need it and have enough adjustability to do basic car camping tasks - boil water quickly, fry eggs, cook bacon, sear a steak, make pancakes, etc.

I am currently checking on this list but if you have other brand recommendations and personal experience with them, please feel free to share. I will wait for your inputs before I come up with a decision.

Thanks in advance.
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