Calphalon pan a good buy???

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A few days ago I purchased a Calphalon Commercial Tri-Ply stainless steel 4 qt. saucepan with ss lid from the local Tuesday Morning for $69 (said retail was $140). It is brushed ss inside with polished ss on the outside with an aluminum sandwich. It is also very heavy and seems like a fabulous pan. In addition to having a riveted stainless steel long handle, it also has a riveted hand grip on the opposing side which sure helps with the weight.

My question: is the quality of the pan up to All-Clad's? Did I get good value for my money?

I have looked for other pieces on the internet but it seems that the Calphalon Tri-Ply SS line is now being made with glass lids which are nice for viewing but which I would probably promptly break.

Anyway, your opinions would be greatly appreciated. Should I keep it or not?

Thanks very much.:rolleyes: :confused: :
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I don't have any Calphalon pieces so I can't speak to this from first hand knowledge. However, I know they make a good product.
Is it as good as All Clad? What makes All Clad my favorite is the high quality material and workmanship, the stay cool handles and the easy clean stainless interior. If your Calphalon has that much, I'd say you got a good deal.

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