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I've noticed more and more posts lately from aggravated people, people not treating others with respect, people coming to a forum and not appreciating the fact that opinions will be forthcoming, requested or not.
Is it because of tax season?
The poor economy?

Relax people, we're all here because of a common love: food and cooking.
All forums work a certain way: you post a comment, question, picture, etc. and others weigh in.
The responses could be "oooo", "ahhh", "I agree/disagree", "I think you could try this instead"'s going to happen no matter what you would prefer to happen with your thread.
Also, your thread will take twists and turns occasionally, veering partially or completely away from the original topic.
Again, it's going to happen, why invest an emotion in it?

And just so you all don't start getting mushy on me remember what I once said.....I love you all, but if we're attacked by zombies I'm tripping you.
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I think this happens in every forum, no matter the subject matter. People get grumpy, or self-righteous, or downright trollish. It's human nature. Not everyone can be as graceful as me! ;)

As for the Zombies comment... Bring it on! :D
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Could've sworn I posted this in the off topic section.
Mods, please move the thread.
Or delete it.
Or sticky it, heck, I don't care.
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LOL, your answer was fine.
I was just surprised that it was posted in this section.
Which idiot is responsible for that?
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And just so you all don't start getting mushy on me remember what I once said.....I love you all, but if we're attacked by zombies I'm tripping you.
Reminds me of that old joke about "I don't need to outrun the tiger, I just need to outrun you!"

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Just Jim... I was going to move this thread to your intended target.... but, ya' know, I think it is fine as a 'stand alone.' Over the past 10 years (has it really been that long??) of being with ChefTalk, I have witnessed many ebbs and flows of wrath, indignation and scorn. I have also witnessed some real camaraderie, acts of kindness and humor. So I think your gentle reminder is appropriate. Perhaps this thread will evolve (as it almost already has) into a place to poke fun of yourself rather than taking it out on somebody else.

With that, I say Cheers! Have a fantastic day and remember, "if they're shooting at you, you must be doing something right!" :)
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I too have noticed a bit of peak recently. Seems people just find it easier to not be polite or have become so sensitive about things they can't handle criticism or an HONEST question. 

For what its worth, 98% of  you people are welcome to break bread with me. The other 2% will be what we use to break bread on.
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Hmmm, I guess I'd best be prepared before I read on, or post...

/eyes Just Jim and ties shoelaces a bit tighter with a double knot

/peeks at Gunnar and digs in the closet for ye ole hardhat

/prepares a custard-based defense against CanadianDot's impending explosion

/ties a steak, well rubbed with catnip, to the back of Teamfat's car

/doesn't worry about Jim, 'cause hasn't done anything particularly right in days

OK, I think I'm all set.  Huh?  Taxes?   Crap./img/vbsmilies/smilies/rollsmile.gif
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