Calling all NY chefs

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Sorry to exclude people from other parts of the world, but i want to hear about New York cooking life.
My brother lives there and i have been to visit a few times and fell in love with the city.
Is it easy to get jobs? What kind of places do you all work in? What sort of foods are 'the new thing' over your way?
I'm interested in any info or stories about food in NY. :eek:
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I spent 12 years working in pastry in NYC. 6 years ago, I decided to move out. It is fairly easy to find work there, since the restaurant and hotel industry continues to grow. It is very fast paced, and most food positions require at least a 10 hour, 6 day work week, if not much more. The trends in NY are constantly changing, and everyone will have a different idea of what's hot, but in general, any exotic or unheard of cuisine, style of cooking, or ingredient is what makes people interested.

The cost of living has gone so high, that it's difficult to live in Manhattan on the lousy pay, which is why I had to leave. The little studio apartment I lived in was $1,000 a month. It is now $1,800, only 6 years later.
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I'm not a food professional, nor do I play one on TV. I do, however, live in Manhattan. I moved back into the city about a year ago. One of the main reasons I did was the food. Access to restaurants that are among the finest in the world, Chinatown, Little Italy, Curry Hill, you name the cuisine and you can find it here. Access to cooking schools like Peter Kump's, special events like Harvest on the Square, Stores like The Vinegar Factory, Dean & DeLuca & Balducci's make living in NYC like Living in a giant SandBox for a foodie. Pass me my pail and shovel please!
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