California state legislators to enact a Cottage Foods bill

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Just an FYI!

California bakes asked California state legislators to enact a Cottage Foods bill authorizing the Department of Health and Senior Services and/or the Department of Agriculture to issue customized "Home Bakery" licenses to residential kitchens for the purpose of selling non-potentially-hazardous bakery products, such as, but not necessarily limited to: breads, cakes, doughnuts, pastries, buns, rolls, cookies, biscuits, and pies (except meat or cream pies).

Visit CA Home Bakers Law Petition Petition to sign the petition and contact the organizer.
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lol, I can just see the flourishing enterprise of the medicinal marijuana bakery erupting in this state:smokin
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That would be nice if it goes through. I wonder how much money the state will make with health inspections.
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Having "interfaced" with California State legislators for three years as a City Council member, 34 years as a resident and independent business person, I am not optimistic as to the results of such legislation.

Remember, the three most mistrusted statements are:

* The check is in the mail

* Of course I will respect you in the morning, and

* Hi, I'm from the government and I'm here to "help" you!

Then again, being 15-20 BILLION in the red, anything might happen ;)
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I wouldn't hold my breath...The California Restaurant Association has some mighty strong lobbyists. Ponder this...who brings more money into the state coffers...The French Laundry or Suzie Q. selling a few cakes from her kitchen every week. Don't get me wrong, home bakers have been flying under the radar for years and some are quite talented. Texas bakers filed this in 2009 Texas Cottage Food Law Headquarters. Died a quiet death , along with many other bills at the end of the session. (but this one slipped thru and was signed into law) anyone under 16 has to have a Doc's RX to use a tanning booth.
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Mezz...check out may be mistaken, but your state's home bakers have a grass roots movement started.
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Just because these products aren't made with meat products or cream (common, milk products are a must in baking) it doesn't mean it's any safer. How is the government going to regulate all these houses? I currently sell mousse cakes from my home, but only to friends and family that know that I have a kid, cats, and sometimes I have company over when I make them. Customers shouldn't be in your commercial kitchen, so how are you going to keep company and family out of your home kitchen? What if they are sick?

My cat's hairy. It's easy to vaccume but seriously, cat hair is everywhere. Believe it or not, it tends to fly in food. What if someone had a cat alergy?

In businesses, it's easier to keep a cleaning schedual, cleaning bathrooms, washing hands after your smoke break, not working when you have the shits..... at home you tend to skip on some of those important sanitary rules once in a while. Forgeting only once can make someone sick.

There's so much more I could talk about. In my opinion, it's just not a safe way to go for the general public. This is why I recently bought a building in town purposely to sell my products to this public (and I hope to get more business too!).

An other thing... if everyone were doing this at home, it wouldn't be fair to the ones who do the same but not at home and put lots of money into their businesses, only to find home-bakers stealing their customers. That would not work too well with some!

I know lots of great Chefs and Bakers. They're awesome at work (away from home) but I would never recommend they sell baking from home! Personally, some of them live like pigs! In my opinion, it's just unprofessional.
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