Calculating buttercream for layer cakes

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Hi all

Does anyone have a method or formula for working out the amount buttercream/filling needed for layer cakes. I will eventually weigh the cakes as I assemble them to work out the percentage as I mostly use baker's percentage formulas. But I just thought I'd check to see if anyone has any ideas.

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there's no standard chart that will tell you what you need because you might use thicker or thinner layers of filling if you use two, three or four layers of cake to create your tier.

I created a chart for our most frequent sizes of cake, after making a buttercream dam around the edge using an Ateco #7 round tip. A 13" round will use 1# 12 oz of buttercream inside the dam; a 10" round will use 12 oz, a 7" round will use 6 oz. These are rough estimates since cream cheese frosting weighs more than say, lemon italian meringue buttercream. If you use one layer of filling, or two or three layers of filling, your mileage will vary.

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