Cake & whipped cream

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I will be making a flourless chocolate cake- Can it be made the day before? If so, what is the best way to store? Also, can whipping cream be whipped the day before with no adverse affects?
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My answer to both YES but the whipped cream has a tendency to weep or throw liquid when held. You can just refresh it in a few minutes by whipping again. If fridge is ice cold it may not weep.:chef:
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Just be aware that the cake may become a bit more dense. Flavor will be okay, but it may seem heavier. Be sure to cover it well. The cream too; both can pick up odors from the fridge.
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I have done both, and I find usually no problems. If you wrap your cake well, it will not dry out, and it will retain the moisture. Whipped cream can be kept stable with the addition of powdered sugar. A new whip will certainly refresh the whipped cream.

Good luck!
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One less thing to do before a Christmas dinner for 15 is good! Appreciate the advice/knowledge. Will heed.
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