Cake Tiers Stuck to Icing

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I used round cardboard bases for the 3 tiers of the cakes I made last weekend. I stacked each layer on its cardboard base and placed it directly on top of the layer below (no spacer separators between). I used wooden dowels to stabilize them by poking the dowels through the first two layers (including the cardboard round between the first & second layer). As I cut each layer and then removed the cardboard to start on the layer below, the frosting stuck to the bottom of the cardboard and lifted off with it. So there was just bare cake on the layer below. Is there a way to keep the frosting from sticking to the bottom of the cardboard? I read somewhere that sprinkling some powdered sugar might help. But I'd think the buttercream (or ganache) would just make it a wet layer of powdered sugar goo. I was thinking of a piece of acetate under the cardboard, but I fear that the frosting will want to stick to anything more than it will want to stick to the cake.

Make any sense? Any ideas? I'm making ANOTHER one tomorrow. I'm insane.
Thanks! -- Lynne
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Powdered sugar does work, but you have to make sure it's only sprinkled within the circumference of the cake above it. You can also use Saran Wrap.

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