Cake recipe not rising..

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Hello fantastic chefs!

Would like a little input for a cake I made (recipe on the picture) followed everything 98% . Just sugar, I used Dark brown. and Chocolate, I used 50% dark /50% milk.
Final thing didn't rise even an inch..

Much thanks.
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Brownies not expected to rise more than above an inch. The mistake in the recipe was calling it a “cake”.

Your substitutions were fine. So how did they taste? I’m sure they were good!
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It's a brownie recipe, not a cake recipe, unless you did some heavy duty editing to it (like add a leavening agent) you got what you baked...

And I will parrot Brian - How did the brownies taste? Sounds yummy!
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Did taste good i think, didn't last long! Have made a new one with beetroot on it (1st time I heard of such)

200 Beetroot
200 Soft Sugar
100 Veg Oil
200 SR Flour
1 Tea Baking Soda
200 Vanila yogurt (instead of natural as recipe asked..)

This one is cake recipe and I thin was because of the yogurt mess it didn't go up? Still Tasty!
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