Cake for 75 Help Please

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As a few of you know I'm expanding my coffee business to more bakery.  Apparently one person who discovered this is eager to try me out- pro bono unfortunately. 

Ok.  It's for the 8th grade graduation party (of which my son will be attending) and cake is the dessert I've been asked to make.  I don't mind doing this; but, I've never made a cake besides a box mix.

So I have a blodgett 1/2 sheet convection oven and several 1/2 trays and most of the tools to do this.

I would appreciate guidance on a cake for 75 kids. 


The inquirer mentioned choc cake with white frosting with some graduation words/deco as a suggestion.
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 I figure 1 sheet cake for 75 guest, which gives a nice portion. If your oven can't fit a sheet pan, put 2 half sheets together.
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Yeah, the oven is for 1/2 sheets.  I looked up the recipe in a cooks illustrated book.  Their recipe is for a 13x9 pan.  I'd have to take into consideration a conversion i suppose to accomodate the pans; i'd also have to take into consideration the effect on cooking using a convection oven too.

Maybe i should've posted this in the caterers area.



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remember if you are trying to get 2 x  1/2 pans to make a full sheet cake  get a sturdy board to put it on otherwise it will split right down the middle. Double the recipe to make a full 1/2 sheet pan, easy enough.
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